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Wondering Where your Willpower is?

22 Dec

Do you ever wonder why you can’t just walk by the candy dish at work without helping yourself to a handful or why you can’t stop thinking about the ice cream in your freezer until you break it out and eat half of if right out of the carton? Where is your willpower?

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Have you heard of “obese years”?

14 Oct

It’s a well-known fact that the longer you smoke, the greater your changes are for cancer. It turns out that the same sort of thing is true with obesity. The longer you are obese, the greater your risk of death.

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Jodi’s Optimal Body Balance Story

21 Sep
Jodi lost 4.2 pounds and 23.5 inches with Optimal Body Balance!

Judi’s Optimal Body Balance Story

9 Sep
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New Group Session Starting!

7 Sep

Countdown to New Year’s! Group Class at Optimal Body Balance – Starts Sept. 22nd at 6pm

Free Seminar on Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance

7 Sep

Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance Seminar – September 13th at 6pm.

Lap Bands for Teens?

1 Sep

I recently watched a segment of the Today show where they talked about the increase in weight loss surgery for teens. I find this idea very frightening. Childhood obesity rates are on the rise. According to the CDC, 12.5 million kids age 2 to 19 are obese in this country. That is 3 times more obese kids than there were in 1980. We have to do something about these exploding obesity rates or our kids are going to start dying very young from obesity related complications. Surgery, though, should be the very last option.

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