Jodi’s Optimal Body Balance Story

21 Sep
Jodi lost 4.2 pounds and 23.5 inches with Optimal Body Balance!

Jodi before OBB

Jodi 4.2 pounds and 23.5 inches later!

My name is Jodie Amerell and I am 40 years old.  Since I was a kid, I have been very active with sports, gymnastics, track, baseball, etc.  I participated in college sports both track and field and the crew team the first two years.  In my thirties I started swimming and eventually did triathlons.  My solution to fitness was to work out and stay active. Over the years I slowly gained some weight but I always maintained between a size 8 and 10.
At the age of 37 I ended up in the hospital with a pinched nerve in my back and nerve damage in my left leg.  I no longer had the ability to exercise like I was familiar and I slowly put on weight.  Being 5’-9” with long legs, it was easy to hide the extra weight.  But what I specifically remember is trying on summer clothes that I had ordered from a clothing party three months prior and them not fitting at all.  I actually didn’t understand what happened and how could I change that much in such a short period of time.
I have always been a healthy eater, eating meals at home versus fast food, always packing a lunch, eating salads with every meal.  However, I was always hungry.  I could eat a big meal and be hungry again in 35 minutes.  I also had to have food with me to avoid that constant hunger and any “food emergencies”.  When my weight on the scale topped 160 I finally asked for help.

I joined the group OBB program and was taught how to eat and nourish my body.  I did not eat fruit or enough fats on a daily basis, so that was added to my plate.  I was to eat 4 times a day but with the balanced proportions of protein, fruit, fat, and vegetables.  This sustained me and took care of the food emergencies.  I also started to understand that the number on the scale was not what I wanted to watch, but I wanted to watch the ratio of water to fat to muscle on my body.

During the 12 weeks I noticed my body size changing and my cravings settle.  My mind was not obsessed with food and I was able to plan my meals for myself during the day to keep on track.  My moods stabilized, I felt more relaxed, and I had the accountability I needed to stay on task.  I was amazed at the results I received after BMI week and I received my ribbon of inches lost.  I lost 25” in that period of time and it was mostly in the midsection.  I have gained muscle and lost fat, and I did not need to exercise like a crazy woman to achieve those results.  For me, I found a lifestyle that really works for me.

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