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New Website and Blog Page!!

28 Dec

Hi everyone!

The Optimal Body Balance blog has moved. We will no longer be updating this page, so please visit us at our new address:


Holiday Hosting Survival Guide

14 Nov

Are you hosting the holiday festivities this year? These ideas can help you beat the stress and save your energy for the party.

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The Magic Diet Pill

11 Nov

I was watching the news the other night and saw a story about research being done on a new weight loss drug. The creators of the ┬ádrug call it “adipotide”, and it works in a similar fashion to cancer treatments. It cuts off the blood supply to fat deposits, causing the death of fat cells.

The drug was tested on obese monkeys successfully. The monkeys lost 11% of their body weight and 39% of fat deposits without any change to diet or exercise.

Now, I think this is all very great. It has the potential to save lives. BUT, what bothered me about the news report that I saw was that one of the researchers commented that this drug would be a great kick-start to a diet and exercise plan. I don’t think that will be the case. I think people will buy this drug, take it to lose weight and resume their “normal” eating and lifestyle habits, then gain all the weight back… and then they’ll probably start taking the drug again. The yo-yo weight gain effect will cause even more harm to their metabolisms and internal balance.

We need to be very careful about the idea of a pill to cure obesity. It’s not going to do much good at all if people don’t realize what got them to that state in the first place. What do you think?

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Testimonial Update!

26 Oct


Sometimes you just gotta brag! Marj just stopped by for her maintainance appointment and we HAD to take another ‘After’ photo!

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Feeling depressed? Could be Food Allergies…

24 Oct

It may not be the shorter days and colder weather getting you down; it could be what you’re eating.

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Last CSA Challenge!

21 Oct

Well here it is, the last CSA box. How did you fare on our CSA challenge? What was most challenging and what did you learn? Please share with us in the comments section or on twitter @obbsheila! And if you didn’t do so well… make it count with this last box!

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7 career lessons from Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”

18 Oct

7 career lessons from Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”

Tina Fey put together some great career lessons but also great for regular life. Improv skills go far beyond just a funny show – they can help you with everyday life! Enjoy this excerpt from her books. – Sheila Continue reading