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Wondering Where your Willpower is?

22 Dec

Do you ever wonder why you can’t just walk by the candy dish at work without helping yourself to a handful or why you can’t stop thinking about the ice cream in your freezer until you break it out and eat half of if right out of the carton? Where is your willpower?

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Losing Weight and Keeping it off are Two Entirely Different Battles

5 Dec

Losing weight may seem like a tough job. But maintaining your weight loss is where the real battle begins. 95% of people who lose weight end up gaining it back. Usually with a couple additional pounds tacked on. Not only does this create damage to your metabolism and set the scene for multiple body imbalances, but it also can do a number on a person’s motivation.

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Eating Everything in Moderation May be Bad for your Waistline

28 Nov

Have you been slowly gaining weight over the years? Do you have a few stubborn pounds that you can’t lose no matter what you do? There are a few bad habits that have been linked with weight creep and could be keeping you from reaching your desired weight goal.

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Write down your healthy eating strategies to prevent Thanksgiving bingeing

21 Nov

I remember playing childhood sports, the coach would often tell us to visualize winning the game or making the free throw or goal. This technique is used by athletes a lot to prepare mentally, and many say it works. Apparently these visualization techniques also work for dieting.

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Your Guide to Eating Out

31 Oct

Researchers have been exploring the link between the obesity epidemic and trends in eating out. Both obesity and restaurant use are on the rise. Why are many restaurant meals so bad for you? Because they flavor their foods with compounds that promote weight gain and obesity, such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup, processed grains and trans fat. Many places also use portions sizes that are blown way out of proportion.

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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

17 Oct

When you think of losing weight, you think of dieting. And when you think of dieting, I’m guessing you think of restriction – of eating less and putting more time towards doing things you’d rather not do (like exercising). It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, when you think of weight loss, you should think of small sustainable changes.

And here are a few that you can implement today.

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Fall CSA Feast

11 Oct

A great example of how to use up your CSA produce from A Little Green Kitchen!

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