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Tis the Season for Soup – Week 3

19 Dec

The featured recipe this week is a delicious split pea soup. This soup smells so good while it’s cooking that it will be torture to wait the 3 hours it takes to simmer. But I promise, it’s well worth the wait.  Continue reading


Tis the Season for Soup – Week 2

10 Dec

Sorry, a tiny bit late with this post! I’m cooking up some southwestern chicken soup as I type this… Smells delicious. I hope you are staying warm!

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Tis the Season for Soup

2 Dec


With cold weather and impending snow upon us, I’ve been craving warm bowls of comfort more and more often. So, we’ve decided to share a series of soup and crock-pot recipes with you. We have compiled enough recipes to carry you through the entire winter season and will be sharing 5 of them each week. We will also choose one of the recipes each week to make ourselves and test for you! And the best part is — most of them are allergen-free (if they are not, they only need minor adjustments to eliminate or replace things like diary or nuts)! Give yourself and your family the gift of health and delicious food this winter.

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