Spicy Fish Tacos

7 Nov

Here’s a fiery but delicious recipe from A Little Green Kitchen:

Your Guide to Eating Out

31 Oct

Researchers have been exploring the link between the obesity epidemic and trends in eating out. Both obesity and restaurant use are on the rise. Why are many restaurant meals so bad for you? Because they flavor their foods with compounds that promote weight gain and obesity, such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup, processed grains and trans fat. Many places also use portions sizes that are blown way out of proportion.

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Stuffed Acorn Squash

28 Oct

Got squash? Check out this recipe!

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Testimonial Update!

26 Oct


Sometimes you just gotta brag! Marj just stopped by for her maintainance appointment and we HAD to take another ‘After’ photo!

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Feeling depressed? Could be Food Allergies…

24 Oct

It may not be the shorter days and colder weather getting you down; it could be what you’re eating.

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Last CSA Challenge!

21 Oct

Well here it is, the last CSA box. How did you fare on our CSA challenge? What was most challenging and what did you learn? Please share with us in the comments section or on twitter @obbsheila! And if you didn’t do so well… make it count with this last box!

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Build a Better Breakfast: Wheat Berry Parfait

19 Oct


Tonight at 6PM Sheila and Sarah will be cooking up breakfast for dinner at Whole Foods. For just $5 you can join the fun — be sure to register right now to make sure there is space available for you (call 608.233.9566 or stop by the front desk while shopping today).

In the spirit of the class here is a fun and easy breakfast idea.

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