Go Big or Go Home at the Gym

12 Dec

To get the most for your money when you exercise at the gym, you should engage in intense exercise. I know, I know, we all have days where we just want to do the elliptical on level one or take a leisurely walk on the treadmill, and that’s fine; at least you’re getting up and moving. But, what if you heard that you could lose 1 pound after just 5 intense exercise workouts.

Researchers have found that men who bike intensely for 45 min burned an extra 190 calories over the next 14 hours after their workout. That’s in addition to the 519 calories they burned during biking. Do the math and that means they are burning 709 more calories on exercise days when compared to rest days. 5 days of this activity is equal to a one pound weight loss.

In order to achieve this kind of benefit, you need to be sweating during your workout, have an increased body temperature and an increased heart rate. Unfortunately, moderate intensity activities, such as walking, have not been found to produce the increased calorie burning post-workout.

If you aren’t able to do full 45 minutes of intense activity, try working up to that level with intervals. Start out at moderate pace to warm up, then increase the intensity so that you are sweating and have an increased heart rate. Continue at that pace for as long as you are comfortable with, then slow back down to your moderate/easy pace to catch your breath and regain your rhythm. Keep increasing and decreasing intensity for the duration of your workout.

“Vigorous exercise burns calories 14 hours after workout” usatoday.com. Sep 1, 2011.

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