I never dreamed I would buy a pair of size 6 pants—to myself I say, “oh ye of little faith!”

28 Feb

Here’s a testimonial from one of our AMAZING Optimal Body Balance clients, Dianne! Dianne lost 19 inches and 12 pounds of fat in 13 weeks!

Here is Dianne before the program.

And here she is after completing the 13 weeks!

I am 59 years old and struggled with my weight most of my life. I tried the usual—books, diets, groups, supplements—to lose weight; instead, I got heavier and more discouraged. Finally, about 30 years ago at a top weight of over 300 pounds on a 5 ft. frame, I came to believe I had aneating disorder. I found a program that helped me recover physically, emotionally and spiritually and maintained a weight of about 150 pounds for many years. All that time, though, I wrestled on a daily basis with wanting to be thinner, to have a different body image and to feel more at peace with myself. One day I heard Sheila Robertson talk about weight loss resistance on anevening news program. She piqued my attention. I later tuned in to a webinar that talked in more detail about the Optimal Body Balance program. I was interested but very skeptical. I had many questions for Sheila and asked for references from previous participants of the program. I read the testimonials of clients and seriously considered whether I wanted to commit to the program. Still riddled with doubt, I decided to give Optimal Body Balance a try. I learned the meaning of the word balance in all areas of my life—types of foods I ate, how I exercised, thequality of my mental health, my sleep patterns. Within 13 weeks I lost many inches and 12 more pounds of fat. I continue to learn how to balance my life and as I do so, the weight continues to slip off. I am grateful for my healthier lifestyle and smaller size. I never dreamed I would buy a pair of size 6 pants—to myself I say, “oh ye of little faith!”


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