Last Chance for the Little Black Dress Class!

17 Feb
Do you know that spring is right around the corner?  Are you ready to pull out those warmer weather clothes that show a little leg and show a little arm and show a little more than you want to show?! Do they still fit?

The group class will bring us to the end of May – so you can start June feeling your best and looking great, too! Wouldn’t that be awesome!?

This 13 week group is now starting March 2nd – so you still have time to get in on the fun! We also have a bonus gift that is valued at $150 – yours free when you join this class.


The Little Black Dress Class is the group weight loss class with Optimal Body Balance.  We’ve designed a program that brings together the science of weight loss with the fun of doing it together with friends.

We start your program with an individualized ‘Getting Started Visit’. Then we jump right into the group classes starting March 2nd at 6pm. Each week we will discuss the topic for the week, learn about nutrition, review your food journals, create menu plans, questions and answer sessions, go on field trips, get motivated, learn how to stock your pantry and have fun while learning what your body needs to lose weight for the last time.

Whether you are new to OBB or just need a tune up before spring – this is the class for you! The Optimal Body Balance program is valued at $900 — your group class cost is only $397! Check it out online here!

Contact Sheila Robertson, Program Director, to set up your individual, personalized getting started visit. or by phone: 608.274.7044 x 12

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