$1.34 for a Pound of Fat

18 Jan

When people are trying to make the change to a more healthy lifestyle a common complaint is that it’s expensive. It’s expensive to join a gym, expensive to buy whole, organic foods, expensive to enroll in a weight loss program. Instead of focusing on the expenses, you should really focus on how much money you will save in the long run. If you weigh more you probably eat more and if you eat more, you’re probably spending more money on food. The numbers will surprise you.

The USDA has calculated that it costs a person $1.34 to maintain one pound of fat per month based the average American’s calorie intake and food costs. This means that if you weigh 300 pounds, you are spending about $398.65 on food per month. If you get your weight down from 300 pounds to 180 pounds, you would be saving $159.46 per month on your food budget. How many pounds of fat are you investing in each month?

You can see that when you calculate how much money you’ll actually be saving for the rest of your life, the costs are offset. Not included in your savings is the amount you’ll save in healthcare costs. Instead of investing in pounds invest in lifelong health.

If you’re think you’re ready to make a change and start saving, take a look at the Optimal Body Balance program. We have many different program formats and there is sure to be something for you. Invest in the program and earn back the program cost and more when you become a healthier, happier you.

Source: Marty Hinz, MD “The cost of a pound of fat: gaining perspective”


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