Nutrition Coach takes losing weight from drab to fab.

28 Dec

A new option for people to lose weight, have fun and get the support that they need to make a lifestyle change for good!

What are you doing New Year’s? Are you excited to dress up and show off or would you rather hibernate and hunker down?  Maybe it’s time to do something else. Why can’t you get together with friends and make the changes that you’ve been hoping for AND have fun?  Wouldn’t it be great to dress up and feel GOOD about it?

Well, now you can. Introducing  the ‘Little Black Dress Class’!

It’s the group weight loss class with Optimal Body Balance.  We’ve designed a program that brings together the science of weight loss with the fun of doing it together with friends.  We want to celebrate the journey and make the changes that will help you have more energy, lift the brain fog, feel good, look great. And oh yeah, lose the weight. You will have great foods, lots of support; a great education on overcoming weight loss resistance and you will feel so great about yourself!

“So many times people start a weight loss program with dread and a ho-hum attitude. It’s something that they feel that they SHOULD do.  We created the Little Black Dress Class to be the opposite of that. Losing weight CAN be fun! My clients have a blast in the cooking classes, field trips, working together and getting a team of professionals to help them. If a program doesn’t work in your lifestyle or is a drag – will you be able to keep it up? No way!  You have to do something that excites you.”  – Sheila Robertson, Nutrition Coach and a self proclaimed ‘Party in an Apron’.

About the Little Black Dress Class

This class is taught by Sheila Robertson, Nutrition Coach and Program Director of Optimal Body Balance, Dr. Chad Oler, ND of the Natural Path Health Center and Sarah Droege, Nutritionist. You will have your own team of professionals to put together the education, information, motivation, skills, humor and enthusiasm you will need to get to your goals.

Sheila Robertson

608.274.7044 x 12


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