Even Small Weight Gain has Real Consequences for your Heart

28 Dec

A recent study conducted at Mayo Clinic has found that even if you are young and healthy, gaining a few extra pounds can cause problems for you heart. Study volunteers had an average age of 29. Half of the volunteers were asked to gain weight over 8 weeks while the other half was asked to maintain their weight. The study measured endothelial dysfunction which means there is a problem in the lining of the blood vessels. Endothelial dysfunction has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events (stroke and heart attack) as well as coronary heart disease. Endothelial dysfunction was measured in this study by blood flow through arteries in the participants arms. It was found that those who gained abdominal fat during the 8 weeks had impaired blood flow through their arteries – they had developed endothelial dysfunction. Once the participants lost the weight, blood flow returned to normal.

What this means for you – watch the weight gain as even a gain as small as 9 pounds, especially when it’s primarily in your stomach, can lead to endothelial dysfunction.

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Source: Life Extension Magazine “Even Modest Weight Gain Still Dangerous for Blood Vessels” Jon Finkel


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