Going Green This Holiday Season

23 Nov

Here’s a little add-on to the holiday survival guide – a few simple ways to keep your holidays green.

Use real china and silver
Forgo the paper plates and plastic utensils for the real stuff. How often do you actually get to use those nice plates and glasses? It’s a cost free way to add festivity and decoration to the occasion as well.

Use cloth napkins and tablecloths
Also a great way to keep your garbage cans from overflowing. They also add decoration and clean up is easy; just throw them all in the wash machine. And you aren’t wasting money on holiday theme paper napkins – you have nice cloth napkins that can be used every year.

Don’t buy water bottles
Have a pitcher of filtered water available at the beverage station. It will save you money and people will be drinking water out of your nice glasses that you put out. Plus your filtered water is probably better than most bottled water anyway.

Use recycled aluminum foil
Reynold’s makes a 100% recycled aluminum foil that is great for heating up dishes the day of, keeping your food warm before serving and can also work as to go containers for your guests.

Go easy on the paper towels
Try to use real kitchen towels instead. Make them available around the buffet and beverage areas in case of spills.

Buy foods that are in season and organic
Local winter markets can be a great place to buy the ingredients for your holiday dishes. That way you know it’s fresh and you can tell your guests their meal was locally grown and made.

Don’t spend extra time and money on decorations. Instead, decorate with things that you will use later or even during the party. Put out bowls of fruit or nuts, colorful squash or a homemade gingerbread house.


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