“The results are proving to me that it’s not hopeless.”

6 Nov

Read what Maleah has to say about the program during week 4 of 13!

“I came to OBB because the time was right. All my life I have been overweight and also very educated about whole foods, but there was a disconnect. I would eat healthier than my friends and I was still bigger than them. I just started to workout this past year and even with bootcamp style workouts I wasn’t losing as much as my friends. I was eating well and burning, but the loss was slow and something felt out of balance. I’m in week 4 of the OBB program now and have lost an inch everywhere, gained muscle, lost fat and increased my hydration levels. The food on the plan brought a smile to my face because I liked all the suggestions. The timing of the plan and the combinations of food are magic. I am eating real food, learning to balance my plate and blood sugar. The results are proving to me that it’s not hopeless. I can live the life I imagine. I look forward to the next 8 weeks of learning and support at OBB. Sheila has been a guiding force. She gets it. I’ve cried, laughed and felt like she’s on my side. Thank you!”


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