“From day one I have not looked at this program as a DIET”

15 Oct

Dawn’s Story
15 pounds and 17 inches in 13 weeks!

Dawn before the OBB program


Dawn after 13 weeks!


“Here I am in week 13 of Sheila’s Weight Loss Program at Natural Path Health Center.

Who would of “thunk” that the answer to so many of our weight loss problems would be solved by something as simple as “clean eating”?  Seriously? Yea, seriously! Plain and simple, back to the basics.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that easy. Boy did I ever love sugar! Sweets galore, donuts, carrot cake and brownies. I craved all of them, ate all of them and some days would rather just eat a day of sweets.

All the nutrients and protein I needed were obviously missing. It was much easier after I had a blood test  named LRA by ELISA/ACT.  I found that I had several food sensitivities. After cutting these out of my diet, within only 1 week I lost inches in my midsection. If I cheated and ate some of my strong sensitivities I paid for it. Runny nose, dry throat, being tired and puffy all came back within almost ½ an hour of eating these foods.

Some I had a clue on bothering me, others I had no idea. For instance: Lemons… I love lemons and always put them in my water, and used in cooking. Cottonseed Oil… was in my coffee creamer, now I know why I was belching after having my coffee. Cottonseed Oil is also in a lot of chocolates and dressings.

I have only lost about 15 pounds, BUT I have lost over 17 inches! I feel so much better, am not puffy, tired or sore. I have a much better self – esteem. Sheila has been wonderful and continuously reminds me how far I have come in the changes I have made.

I did not have a lot of money to spend, but after years of going up & down & not losing any weight; I felt I had to finally take the time for me.  I cut back on any unnecessary expenses, ate at home just so I could afford the extra testing for my food sensitivities. Every penny spent was well worth it. Finally an answer. Sheila’s program has changed my life and I highly recommend it.

From day one I have not looked at this program as a DIET, rather as a new style of life and trying to eat as clean as possible.  You always have a choice on what you put into your body. You just need to decide which consequence you want to live with. I chose loving myself enough to change the way I was living.

Thanks so much Sheila!”



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