“Balance is the Key” a client talks about her experience with the OBB program

10 Oct

BV’s Story
9.5 pounds of fat, 21 inches overall and 8 inches around the belly in 13 weeks!

“You know the saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, well Sheila has successfully taught this old dog that eating balanced meals is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  I truly thought I ate healthy but apparently I wasn’t eating enough protein and balancing it with vegetables, fruit and carbs.  Eating four meals a day was difficult at first because I didn’t think I could eat that much.  But it got easier and I never seemed hungry so I didn’t snack between meals.  She emphasized trying new foods and new recipes to keep your body from becoming sensitive to certain foods by eating them all the time.  Wow, I have discovered some great recipes I found on Natural Path’s website. I usually try at least two new recipes a week. I loved the cooking classes and the burst training.  During my participation in the 13 week program I lost 9.5 pounds of fat, 21 inches overall inches and 8 inches around my belly.  The program was very beneficial and it motivated me to eat balanced meals.  I would highly recommend the Optimal Body Balance Program to anyone that wants to get healthy.  Balance is the key.”


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