“feel awesome, more energetic, lighter and able to embrace life more”

9 Oct

Nancy’s Story
31 pounds and 28 inches in 13 weeks!

“For years I have been trying to lose weight, eating “right” and exercising regularly without success. Last fall, I had a couple of friends who lost significant weight by taking a food sensitivity test and cutting out foods that they were sensitive to. After Googling, “food sensitivity tests in Madison, WI,” the only listing I could find was the Natural Path Health Center. After taking the test through Natural Path and finding out that I was sensitive to a dozen things including all of the refined sugars, I set out to eliminate them from my diet.

At about the same time, I learned of the Optimal Body Balance Program and attended a complimentary webinar on weight loss resistance that Dr. Chad Oler and Sheila Robertson hosted. I loved the fact that they talked about the many ways that people can develop a resistance to weight loss and that the OBB program identifies the root causes that are individual to each person’s body chemistry and history. I knew I needed more than to just give up the foods I was sensitive to. Based on this, I decided to sign up for the program and am so glad I did!!

At the beginning of the program, Sheila and I quickly identified the areas that we were going to work on and set out to make some very positive changes. First of all, I gave up all of my food sensitivities including sugar and made some changes to my eating habits, moving to 4 meals per day, in portions that are nutritionally complete based on my body chemistry. I got off to a fast start and lost 12” and 10 pounds of fat in the first 4 weeks!

Sheila is knowledgeable and really fun to work with and I learned so much from her. She has been really great about making sure I set weekly goals and celebrating and supporting my successes.  As each week progressed, she encouraged me to try new things and expand my food choices.

Throughout the 13-week program, I learned how to make eating and exercising the most effective way a habit. I also have received an incredible education on nutrition and how to reverse weight loss resistance that I can use for the rest of my life. The cooking classes were excellent and, throughout the program,  I learned how to make many tasty new healthy recipes. I also feel awesome, more energetic, lighter and able to embrace life more.

I have now finished the Optimal Body Balance  program and I have lost 31 pounds of fat and 28  inches off my body and down 6 dress sizes. I would recommend the program to anyone who is looking for a new outlook on life, to feel healthier, lighter and more confident!”


Nancy before the OBB program

Nancy after 13 weeks!

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