Mary’s OBB Success Story: “Your Dreams Can Come True”

8 Oct

Mary’s Story
28 pounds with 24 pounds of body fat and 27 inches in 13 weeks!

“First hand, I know how difficult it is to lose weight I am a firm believer in exercise and wanted to encourage women to give themselves that gift.  So about 9 years ago I had taken a job to encourage women to stay healthy, exercise, and eat well.  Ironically, myself in the last 5 years found my own health and waistline falling apart, had food cravings, fatigue, sleepless nights, hot flashes, just to name a few, taking a toll on me.  My physicals came back normal I kept on doing what I needed to do to stay healthy, eat well, and exercise, but still battling the bulge, fatigue and sleep. I was beginning to believe that this is middle age and had to live with it along with a dream of being the size of good health. But your dreams can come true.

You see I was doing the right things but still having issues until a friend referred me to Dr. Chad Oler and Sheila Robertson.  Four words come to mind truly amazing and thank you. Optimal Body Balance was a gift that will always be part of my life. I encourage anyone that is in a rut like I was to try it. I noticed the flavor of food never tasted so good. I am a reborn again “food addict”.

Sheila is so easy to work with and keeps you on track, I have to admit it is not easy to change and the cravings for feel good not so good foods will surface, well we are human and after all grandma’s fresh baked goods want attention but this program helps. Keep with it and in a short time the cravings are held at bay and the good food wins and your taste buds thank you.  Learn why this may be happening to you.

Having a solution to a cause is worth its weight in gold as in my case with the neurotransmitter imbalances, lack of sleep, and insulin resistance restored helped the quality of my life.

I am enjoying a more vibrant, happy, and healthy life.  I have noticed a change in my body and outlook overall as well as others noticing it in me and it feels so good.

In thirteen weeks I feel Grrrreat, sleeping better, fatigue has lessened, no more hot flashes and an added bonus in a loss of 28 lbs with 24 lbs of body fat and 27 inches.

Dream it: Then live it.”


Mary before the OBB program

And Mary after the 13 weeks!

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