Is Your Diet Killing You?

7 Oct

 It’s murder trying to follow many of today’s popular diets. From pills to calorie counting, it takes all your willpower to stick to a diet. You may feel like following the diet could kill you. With many potentially toxic elements and health-damaging behaviors involved with diets on the market today, the latest and greatest weight loss program might actually be extremely harmful to your health – potentially even deadly. You can learn more on October 7th at 6:00 PM central, when Optimal Body Balance Director Sheila Robertson and Dr. Chad Oler of the Natural Path Health Center present the teleseminar “Is Your Diet Killing You?” Dr. Chad and Sheila will discuss many of the potentially dangerous elements in popular diet plans. You’ll learn about: A hot new diet that contains a hormone produced by women during pregnancy, which can lead to headaches, mood swings, blood clots and confusion. The artificial sweeteners in many of the most popular diets, and their potential toxic chemicals. The alluring crash diets that can throw off your hormone balance and cause permanent damage. The severe calorie reductions, which won’t support normal brain function and lower your resting metabolism. We’ll also talk about how the most effective – and infinitely more healthy – method for losing weight is to overcome weight loss resistance. You’ll learn the basics of weight loss resistance, and how we’ve helped even the toughest weight loss cases where other diets have failed. Sign up Now! Speaking at the Teleseminar You’re going to learn from two of the brightest minds in the field of effective weight control and proper nutrition. Sheila Robertson Optimal Body Balance Program Director, Nutrition Coach Sheila recently received her Nutrition Coach certification, adding onto her extensive skills and expertise. As the Optimal Body Balance director, she’s helped some of the most difficult weight loss cases triumph where other diets or weight management programs have failed. Dr. Chad Oler Director of the Natural Path Health Center Dr. Chad is the creator of the Optimal Body Balance program, and the owner of the Natural Path Health Center. He’s been using sound nutritional guidance and metabolism monitoring to help his clients achieve healthier lifestyles and more productive lives. Ask Questions, Gain Insight Not only will you hear from both Dr. Chad and Sheila throughout the teleseminar, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session. You’ll be able to ask questions anonymously about diets, your own struggles, or anything that’s on your mind. Gain the Knowledge to Make Healthy Choices It’s hard to resist the tempting offers thrown at you by popular diets. This teleseminar will help you look before you leap, understanding all the potentially deadly side effects of many of these diets. Not all of the issues we’ll discuss will be life-threatening, but they all lead to unhealthy side effects and long-term problems. Best of all, you’ll learn about the blueprint for beating weight loss resistance, the true cause to weight problems and the key for you achieving your optimal body balance! Sign up Now! Click to the left to sign in!


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