What causes belly bloat?

20 Apr

I’ve been posting a lot of information about Gut Dysbiosis lately.  We’ve got a FREE teleseminar coming up on the subject on April 28th, and I want people to understand how important this can be when it comes to losing weight.

I’m also talking about it because when you relieve yourself of Gut Dysbiosis, it’s not uncommon to lose 2-14 inches off your belly. 

To tell the truth about “False fat”

The good news is that when you eliminate Gut Dysbiosis, you can reduce the “false fat” that many people carry around.

It’s not uncommon for people to carry around an extra 10-25 pounds of this “false fat”, which is not true adipose (fat) tissue.  Rather, it’s extra fluid and gas that forms from delayed food reactions.

Carry an extra 10-25 pounds around, and you’ll feel and look heavier.  But how can you correct it?

It begins by understanding what Gut Dysbiosis is.  In a nutshell, Gut Dysbiosis occurs when your body gets out of balance.  When you eat the wrong things, you throw your digestive system out of whack. 

When the digestive system gets messed up, you get the inevitable side-effects – indigestion, acid reflux, gas, and our friend, bloating.

How to stop the bloating

There are a number of ways to stop this bloating.  They include eliminating the common foods that lead to food sensitivities, or taking the short-cut and testing to find out just what’s causing the problem.

In our upcoming teleseminar, we’ll detail how to determine if you have gut dysbiosis, as well as the steps to take to eliminate.  This is important stuff for losing weight, and best of all, the teleseminar is free.

We’ll detail the ways to diagnose gut dysbiosis, and then how to eliminate it, in our FREE April 28th teleseminar “Gut Dysbiosis:  Don’t Trust Your Gut.”  You can register when you click here:  www.moourl.com/losethatbelly


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