Hey belly fat: Gut dysbiosis means your time has come.

6 Apr

Oh, belly fat.  How I loathe you.

For a long time, you encircled my waist, tagging along for a free ride when you were most certainly not welcome.

You tormented me by hanging around, even when I ate all the right foods. 

You continued to ruin my wardrobe choices because you insisted on always being front and center. 

I loathed you, belly fat.  And I got rid of you when I learned about Gut Dysbiosis.

Hey belly fat – I know why you’re hanging around:  Gut Dysbiosis

Hey belly fat, do you know something?  Part of the reason you’re such an eyesore on the outside is because of what Gut Dysbiosis does to a person on the inside. 

It’s called gut dysbiosis.  And before I dropped my 50 pounds, I had it.

Gut Dysbiosis is a condition that occurs when the yeast and bacteria that influence digestion become out of balance within the gastrointestinal tract.

The imbalance can lead to indigestion, gas, bloating, acid reflux. 

That’s right – bloating.  That’s part of what causes you, belly fat.

When I discovered gut dysbiosis, I lost a big part of my belly.  There was more to come through losing weight the right way, but this was a huge start.  You see, if we can stop Gut Dysbiosis, we can shave – get ready for this – 2 to 13 inches off your waistline.

Hey belly fat, time to break your water

Two to thirteen inches?  How can that be?  A few changes in the diet and you lose 2-13 inches around the waistline?

It’s true, and it’s because of the fact that people who have Gut Dysbiosis tend to retain more water.  The extra water is the result of the immune reactions that take place as the body tries to fight off the toxins you’re feeding it.

As soon as gut dysbiosis subsides, that water weight comes off – thus the often rapid loss of inches around the belly.

Yes, that’s right – sayonara, loathsome belly fat.

Let me tell you more about Gut Dysbiosis

That’s much more to Gut Dysbiosis.  Much more. 

Listen to a free teleseminar on the topic, and we’ll literally give you the skinny on gut dysbiosis.  You’ll find out how to identify it, and how to eliminate it.  Most importantly, you’ll find out how to lose that belly fat 

The FREE teleseminar is April 28th from 7:00 – 7:30 pm.  It’s called “Gut Dysbiosis:  Don’t Trust Your Gut.”  You can register when you click here:  


Yeah, you’ll want to listen too, belly fat.  Because your time has come.


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