Here are some MORE success stories from OBB clients.

25 Mar

I am so proud of my clients and I want to share their stories with anyone who will listen! Way to go!!!!!!!!!  Yours in health, Sheila


“I’m a big fan of the OBB program.  I like that it looks at you as an individual and not a room full of people.  I love that it’s designed specifically for you and your body and your issues both new and longstanding.  It sees each client as the wonderful, complicated, multidimensional person that they are.

So many other programs (i.e. Weight Watchers) don’t teach you how to eat, how the body and food work together, how to live, or how to make those life style changes that are needed for weight loss and ultimately for maintenance which is probably the hardest part.  That’s why those programs didn’t work for me.

OBB has this great way of baby stepping through so you never feel overwhelmed.  It’s one thing at a time, one day at a time and lots of wonderful, useful information.  And I love Sheila’s whole “tool box” analogy.

I won’t lie, cutting out foods can be difficult, some days more than others, but it’s so worth it and it’s only temporary which is important to remember.  You can incorporate this program into your lifestyle fairly easily if you commit to it and to yourself.  Some days I’m more committed than others – just part of being human, but overall this program has changed the way I look at myself, my body both inside & out and at food as a whole
I love Sheila.  She’s a long time friend, and also very, very good at her job.  She truly gets what the weight loss battle is like.  Working with her is truly a joy.  She brings caring and insight to a difficult topic and the levity never hurts as I love to laugh.  She assists in creating weekly/monthly goals, but she lets me take the lead and helps me in keeping myself accountable.  When I had a bad week/day/moment, she never once guilt tripped me or allowed me to linger or berate myself.  It was onto the next thing, get back on track, and I respond well to that.  I have recommended this program to a number of friends and will continue to do so as I believe in both OBB and in Sheila – it’s a perfect combination. 

I have lost 13 pounds of fat and 25 inches off my body! I’m now on the maintenance program of OBB.

When I started this program I had no idea the inches I would lose.  It was quiet astonishing actually!  I’m back into a size 10 which hasn’t happened since college and that was 15 years ago.  And my migraines are now practically non-existent which I didn’t think was possible.  The things I’m learning through OBB I will continue to use my entire life and that’s what will make all the difference for me and my success.”

 ~ Nicole



“I started the OBB program with Sheila after I started losing weight through Weight Watchers. I enjoy their group meetings, but they don’t address a vegetarian diet that much. With Sheila guiding me, I immediately learned information about multiple reasons for weight loss resistance. I had no idea about them, and I fancied myself quite up-to-date on food-related topics (eat whole foods, drink lots of water, don’t drink diet soda, etc.) She looked at my personal situation, and we started focusing on my issues and areas of resistance right away. 

The Total Metabolism Testing tell me more about my body than ANY scale could. As I continue to lose weight I can see if it is at the expense of muscle mass. It helps me concentrate my efforts on healthful habits that will continue to grow my muscle mass and combat the natural loss of muscle in women my age. During the program with Sheila I lost 16 pounds of fat and lost 24 inches on the OBB 13 week program. My metabolic rate went from 1168 calories per day and now is 1200 calories per day.I now am following the OBB follow up program and am continuing to find success!

This program provided the science behind the eating to achieve these goals. I didn’t have to have “will power”, I had knowledge, and THAT is the power I needed. I learned how food reacted in my body. I was

immediately able to apply what I learned about eating, drinking and exercising to work toward a healthy core. I could tweak some things I was already doing to maximize my benefit. Brilliant! 

This is not a program about deprivation, fake food or a fake lifestyle that won’t be maintained. You learn how to live YOUR life, complete with all its elements, healthfully. For the first time, I’m confident about maintaining my weight loss. I’ve given away my big clothes, THAT’s how confident I am.

Sheila has years of experience working with weight loss, and draws from that to help you. You can be honest with her about your weaknesses and she will help you work on them. She gave me relevant homework (assessments, videos, recipes and more), answered/researched questions for me (how do I build more protein into my vegetarian lifestyle?), brainstormed how I might handle certain situations (party foods, need I say more?), cheer leaded when it was warranted, and put me to the task when THAT was warranted. She was a teammate in my success, I firmly believe that. She has wit, an ability to connect with clients, an excellent educational program, and that is a winning combination. I’m proof. I recommend this program highly.”

Kathy Bailey

Fan of Sheila


“I met Sheila Robertson through a networking meeting. She wasn’t given very much time to speak about her business, but the few things she was able to convey in a short time made me want to talk to her again. Sheila returned a few weeks later to speak more about her business and I couldn’t wait until the meeting was over so I could talk to her in depth. She told of her own experience with weight loss and how she had done everything right but still was unable to lose the weight. She informed us that there are more things that hinder weight loss than poor diet and lack of exercise. My first priority was learning to eat right in order to avoid having a recurrence of breast cancer. As a bonus, eating right would facilitate weight loss. Sheila had the answers and I believed her program was very do-able for me. I never thought any other weight loss programs were very do-able for me since they didn’t address picky eaters. I would not consider any other weight loss program after working Sheila’s program. Sheila will tell you that I am only working the program 60% of the time and that I am seeing excellent results for my efforts. Veggies still give me trouble. Sheila gave me the tools to help me with veggies and all I have to do is change my priorities and do what she tells me to do….shop, chop, and cook.

When I started meeting with Sheila on a weekly basis she had answers for my obstacles. My two obstacles were being an extremely picky eater and chocolate cravings. She introduced me to cookbooks that would teach me how to sneak healthy food into the foods I would eat without having to taste the food I didn’t like. Sheila provided me with supplements that curb cravings, challenged me to try new foods every week, taught me how to eat hormonally balanced meals, provided cooking classes, and she introduced me to the most wonderful blender to make fruit smoothies!! The Vita-mix is a must have item if you or any member of your family is a picky eater. This blender allows me to consume all the fruits I don’t care to eat because of seeds. It pulverizes seeds and blends fruits and veggies I don’t like with fruits that I enjoy and I never even know they are in my smoothie. I have been so excited about the things I am learning and results I am achieving that I share this program with everyone. Sheila was tough on me when I refused to be tough on myself by giving up coffee drinks loaded with calories. I have seen much more impressive results since I have given up the coffee drinks. Guess what? I don’t need them. Sheila reminds me that treating ourselves to poor food choices is not a reward at all. One of my friends is a perfect example of just that. She feels she has been good and deserves a treat. She has not lost any weight and did not achieve the goal she set for herself. My friend is not working Sheila’s program and my friend’s approach to weight loss is different than Sheila’s. If I were my friend, I would be asking what are you doing different that you are getting results and I am not.

 Sheila takes you through her program with baby steps. Little by little we have incorporated her changes and have gotten desired results. Baby steps are so important. You don’t have to feel as if you have given up absolutely everything when you make small changes gradually. I refuse to tell people I am dieting because I am not dieting. I have made a lifestyle change thanks to Sheila’s knowledge, support and tough love when necessary.  Sheila’s program will give you everything you need if you have the motivation to achieve your goals. Knowledge and support. There is so much more I could talk about but not enough time.  My cholesterol has gone down 39 points! I currently have lost 32.2 pounds of fat and 31.5 inches lost! Thanks!  Jolene”



“I happened onto OBB and Sheila by happenstance.  A year ago I was diagnosed with a condition that the mainstream medical establishment was completely and utterly ill-informed to help me with.  By chance I found The Natural Path Health Center and OBB and Sheila.  My entire nightmare of a medical condition turned out to be entirely nutritionally driven.  The mainstream medical doctors just wanted to pump me full of very expensive steroids and send me on my way, telling me there was no cure and they had no idea what caused the condition.  The “doctors” were, however, confident that my condition had nothing whatsoever to do with nutrition.  I started out with Dr. Chad Oler, who then turned me over to Sheila.  The rest is history.  I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  I have always been very active, love exercise and the outdoors, but yet still struggled with my weight.  I have tried every diet and weight-loss remedy known to man.  What initially appeared as a death sentence to me turned out to be a total blessing in disguise.  In the six best months of my life, I have changed my eating habits (and it has been a fun and enlightening journey), and I have lost about 40 pounds, lost over 25 inches off my body – 8 inches off my belly alone!  I have never felt better or looked better in my life.  I cannot say enough about Sheila.  She has been my little “Earth Angel.”  She knows intimately the struggles of weight loss.  Her kindness, empathy, and of course her wonderful sense of humor, has made this life-changing journey fun, exciting, and enlightening.  The things I have learned in a very short time have altered the course of my life forever.  I have such gratitude for Sheila and Dr. Chad.  The irony to this whole journey is that for the first time in my life I feel as though I am not on a diet, and the weight just miraculously fell off.  In truth, I am not on a diet, nor will I ever be on a diet again.  I have just found the secret!” ~ S

“I came to the Optimal Body Balance Program for a number of reasons, though one was that I had gained 20 pounds within a year of my wedding. I knew that the longer I waited, the more difficult it would become to make the lifestyle changes necessary. When I noticed I could hear myself breathe, I decided it was time to get help. My wedding ring no longer fit, my clothes were too tight, I felt uncomfortable in my skin, and I was always tired.

The program looked at my situation as a whole and helped me focus on more than just my diet. Sheila was wonderful to work with. She was not judgmental and used humor to make a generally difficult topic one that was easy to discuss. She was patient in answering the many questions I had and she helped me set realistic and attainable goals. Sheila’s upbeat approach helped me stay positive. She held me accountable for my decisions each week, but never made me feel bad if there was a minor setback.

Though the program was challenging at times, the amazing support I received helped me stay on track. After 13 weeks I’ve exceeded my goal weight and I am much happier and healthier than I was just 3 months ago. Thanks to Optimal Body Balance I now have the tools to maintain it. The program was a complete success and I would recommend it to anyone who has struggled with weight loss.

I can’t express my gratitude for giving me back the Lynn that I knew was there!”

Sincerely,  Lynn Behrend




“We are very pleased to have worked with Sheila Robertson-Program Director of the Natural Path Health Center in Fitchburg WI to recognize our eating misconceptions and to adopt more nutritious and balanced eating choices. As a result, we have realized significant healthy weight loss, increased energy and physical fitness. I (Sharon) have lost 8 pounds of fat and 15.5” off my body. I (William) have lost 9 pounds of fat and also has lost 15.5” off my body “   ~ William and Sharon Moody



“I started the OBB program with a bang! I lost 12” and 10 pounds of fat in just 4 weeks! I’m now on week eleven of the program and I have lost 18 pounds of fat and 22.5 inches off my body, 7 inches of that is off my belly area.” ~ Nancy – current OBB client


“I met Sheila Robertson in January of this year.  I immediately felt comfortable with her, and it was easy to be honest about my eating and exercise habits.  I was not extremely overweight, but I’d been slowly gaining the past few years, and knew I needed to change something about the way I was eating.  The problem was, I felt like I was eating healthy; so I knew I needed some guidance.

  I’ve been doing the OBB program for nine weeks, and I’ve lost seven pounds, six of which are fat!  But what makes me even happier than losing the weight is how good I feel, and how easy it was to accomplish!  Sheila pointed out some things about my diet that were tripping up my attempts at weight loss-one being that I wasn’t eating ENOUGH food!!  Now I eat four meals per day, and I am not hungry between, the way I used to be.  The meals are similar to what I used to eat, but are proportioned differently.    

My new favorite thing to do is “shop and chop”.  I buy my fresh veggies for salads, etc… and chop them up right away.  This makes it so easy to put them to use for easy meals.  Sheila also has tons of recipes and recipe books that she recommends.  My husband and I love to cook and we’ve had so much fun trying out new, healthy recipes.  Our kids are even enjoying them!! Sheila also turned me on to some fabulous smoothie recipes.  I am completely hooked on smoothies now, and so is my family!!

I love OBB, because there are no prepackaged foods.  The food you eat is just fresh, healthy food. I don’t even feel like I am dieting. Today I got on the scale and I had lost another pound.  It’s amazing! 

Another great thing about the OBB program is the personal attention you get from Sheila.  Whenever I’ve had a question she’s returned by call or email in an extremely timely manner.  Plus, you get to meet with Sheila regularly, which really keeps you on track.  Sheila has a great sense of humor, and is so easy to talk to, that I really look forward to each meeting.  If you are looking for a way to not only lose weight, but to create a healthy change for you and your family, I highly recommend the OBB program.  I have gotten so many compliments about the way I look during the past couple of weeks, and as I said earlier, the weight is just part of it.  I feel better than I have in many, many year.  Thanks, Sheila!!” ~ Sharon


Since moving from the Southwest to Madison I have had trouble with my weight.  I have lost weight only to regain it at least 3 times since moving here 10 years ago.  Because of the rapid weight gain the last time (15 pounds in 2 months) my doctor gave me a year to lose the weight or have tests run to determine if there was anything wrong.

Once again I tried dieting, another detox program, and exercising but things didn’t change and I was even more unhappy.  I was really in the dumps feeling sorry for myself and wondering what I was going to do when I received an e-mail about the Optimal Body Balance program.  I admit I was skeptical; however, knowing Dr. Chad I figured I should listen.  After listening to the free tele-seminar I was still skeptical because I didn’t know how I was going to devote TIME to this but thought I’d go in and talk to Sheila.  I reviewed the program, it sounded solid – not another gimmick and most importantly addressed issues such as why do I gain weight, what can I eat, and how can I keep this up. 

I was concerned about the time issue because I of my profession and the amount of time required of me at work.  I am a controller of a large company and the end-of-year work requires working all week for 3 months for numerous hours.  My main goal was not to gain weight during this time (I had at least figured out the periods of time for my weight gains). I plunged in and was pleasantly surprised.

You get menus, food suggestions, and size portions.  You know at what time you should eat.  Exercise is incorporated that fits YOU not someone else.  I enjoyed the cooking classes and seeing other people like me.  And, of course, I was looking at them to see if they were losing weight too – and we all were!  Sheila is always there to help if you slip or have questions about what to do at parties, help plan food for out-of-town excursions, etc.

I have stuck to the program and lost 10 pounds, 11 inches.  This was all in 13 weeks.  I feel better, have more energy, and look better.  People at work notice and make positive comments on the weight loss.  I really love it when I am putting my lunch on my plate in our breakroom and co-workers comment on how pretty my food looks.  I made one of the dishes from the program for a potluck at work and everyone ate it and thought it was great.  No one knew it was healthy too!

Another perk, I am going on vacation to a warm place and this is the first year in ages I have felt GOOD in a swimsuit.  My stomach is flat without any help and can wear a two-piece without feeling bad.  I have had to purchase new clothes 2 sizes lower than I was wearing.  What woman wouldn’t feel good about this!!

I really would recommend this program to others.  I’d like to add that when I went in for my annual check-up at the same doctor who told me to lose weight or else we’d need to run tests and he was very pleased with my weight loss of 10 pounds and asked me how I did it.  He told me how well I looked and kept asking if there was anything wrong that I hadn’t mentioned.  My lab tests came back and were wonderful.  I had to laugh as one of the tests is based on what you eat – his comments were you are eating your fruits and vegetables!!


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