It’s not too late!

26 Feb

If you didn’t listen in to last night’s Natural Beach Body teleseminar, don’t worry:  You can still tune in!  to listen to a replay of the teleseminar, and discover a special limited time offer

Sheila “The Weight Loss Comedian” Robertson introduced to our listeners!

First, let’s recount what happened in last night’s teleseminar:

Sheila and Dr. Chad Oler of the Natural Path Health Center discussed how to achieve a Natural Beach Body, getting into the science of weight loss resistance.

Informative, funny, and fascinating, the seminar touched on a wide range of topics.

  • You’ll learn why so many people struggle to lose weight, even when they do all the right things.
  • You’ll hear both Sheila and Dr. Chad’s own personal struggles with weight, and how they righted their own personal ships.
  • You’ll discover 10 tips for looking great in just 10 days.

And best of all, you’ll discover a special offer Sheila made last night to all our listeners.  From now until noon on March 5, anyone who signs up for a Getting Started visit will enjoy a 50% discount off the price.

Sheila will provide you with more details on this limited time offer.  So check out the teleseminar, and discover the secrets of the Natural Beach Body!


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