Ten Great Tips for Watching Your Weight on Vacation

10 Feb

Spring break is fast approaching.  That doesn’t mean that you should break with smart eating habits, especially if you’ve lost weight to fit into that swimming suit.

Keep the weight off, and keep having fun, with these ten tips:

  1. Find out where you’ll be eating.  You’ve done a ton of research to book your vacation spot.  Now find out about the eating choices at or near where you’ll be staying.  Scour their menus.  Do they have healthy choices for you and your family?  Pre-select your meals before you go out (so you’re not tempted).


  1. Back-off the buffet. Okay, all-inclusive doesn’t mean you should put everything from the buffet line on your plate.  Fill up on protein and veggies first, then sit down and eat.  On your next pass, hit the salad bar.  Then eat.  Go slow, and give your food time to settle so you feel full.  Don’t go back for seconds on protein – just veggies.


  1. It’s not all-you-can eat desserts.  Treat yourself to 3 small bites from the dessert bar.  Hey, you’re on vacation.  You’ve got to live.  Just make sure you live a little, not a lot.  Go easy – 3 dainty bites, not Cookie Monster bites.


  1. Get active.  It’s fun to lounge on the beach, but make sure you pack in activities to get the metabolism going.  Take in an early workout for yourself, and then plan some sort of family activity for the afternoon.  Fun and fitness, all rolled into one.


  1. Be prepared for the binge backlash.  If you’ve been eating right, and you can’t wait for spring break to go “off the wagon,” prepare yourself.  Your body isn’t used to decadent living.  You’re going to feel sluggish, gassy, and have low energy.  Is that how you want to spend your vacation?


  1. BYOS – Bring your own snacks.  Be prepared to bring your own healthy snacks.  All-inclusive doesn’t always mean your resort includes healthy eating.  If you’re not staying at a resort, this can be a great way to save money.


  1. Smoothie operator.  Instead of snacking on chips and pretzels, make healthy smoothies out of fruit, protein powders and nano greens.  A great smoothie can be mighty refreshing in a warm place!


  1. Make your goals public.  If you’re getting too old for peer pressure, how about peer support?  Let your friends and family know that you’re trying to eat right on vacation.  When they’re in on your plans, they won’t tend to inadvertently tempt you with a margarita (or two.)


  1. Bring a reminder.  You’ve shaved off pounds to look good on vacation.  All that effort has been worth it to fit into a swimming suit.  So why stop there?  Bring along a “before” picture of yourself.  It will serve as a good reminder of the consequences of eating poorly and not exercising.


  1. Reward yourself.  Take some relaxation time out for yourself, and get a rejuvenating facial.  You’ve worked hard to look great, so why not feel great?


Follow these tips, and not only will you enjoy yourself on vacation, you’ll enjoy how you look when you return home.


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