We did it! Amazing holiday weight loss results

20 Jan

When I learned that 75% of my Optimal Body Balance clients had lost weight and 19% maintained their weight during the holidays, I had two thoughts.

The first is how proud I am of these people.

The second is that I’m not surprised.

Not surprised?  Isn’t it a given that every man, woman and child straps on a feedbag during the holidays and bloats up?

Not in the OBB program, I’m happy to say. 

You see, when my clients and I headed into the holidays, we were excited for all the festivities and good time.  But we also know that we were in for a heckuva fight.  All the sweets.  All the eats.  All the merry, merry drinks.

We had our work cut out for us, but we took the same tact that we do every day with OBB.  We planned.  We strategized.  And then we celebrated the results.

Here are some of the highlights of how we achieved those amazing numbers:

  • Support:  We’ve got your back (and your belly) 

It all starts with the planning.  People joined the program before the holiday season, knowing full well the challenge that lay ahead.  They knew going into the holidays that they’d have the support necessary from the OBB program to persevere. 

The OBB program was there for them, reviewing their progress every week, and offering the encouragement they needed.

  • Strategy:  What’s on the menu at Grandma’s house? 

So much of eating healthy involves proper food planning.  It’s like raising kids:  If you put them in a position to fail, often they will.  So we made sure no one was in a position to fail.

 That meant preplanning when you’d be eating.  For example, that would include knowing when you’d be making long trips in the car, and having plenty to eat for the trip (avoiding a lunchtime stop at Culver’s in the process).  

  • Accountability:  The buck stops with you.

We can support and strategize until we’re blue in the face, but ultimately it all comes back to you.  By making you accountable, and holding you to it, that 94% record is achievable. 

Support, strategy, accountability.  It sounds so simple, yet it yields such amazing results. 

Seeing my clients hit that 94% mark was one of the greatest holiday gifts I’ve ever received.  It’s proof positive that OBB works – even under the most grueling conditions. 

Next year, we’ll be shooting for even higher marks and more clients.  In particular, I’ve got my eye on a certain gift-bearing fella with a rather pronounced case of gut dysbiosis.

Congratulations to all my clients!


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