This is what 50 pounds looks like – 50 pounds of pumpkins!

21 Oct



50 Pounds. Now, that’s a lotta pumpkin!

Today I’ve hit my 50 pounds lost mark! I was pretty sure it was going to happen this week and then wham-o! What a great way to start the day!

I’m not writing this for the kudos (although…I’ll take them) or for the attention (although I love attention – have you ‘met’ me yet??)

I’m writing to give hope.  There are reasons that prevent a person from losing weight. A year ago I was very frustrated.  A year ago I was ready to give up hope. A year ago I could not see myself hitting this goal.

Through the years – I have struggled with my weight. I was always the chubby one…the one with the ‘great personality’… You know that when people say you have a great personality – it usually means that you are chubby. Even though I remained active through the years – activity was not the only answer for me.  I have completed 5 sprint tri-athalons, I love swing dancing, I love to hike and rock climb – activity has always been easy for me. There has always been issues with food and finding the right balance and being able to maintain it.  I had tried vegetarian for 9 years….but really …..I was a sugar-atarian. I didn’t eat meat ….but I also struggled with my addiction to SUGAR….I  really tried everything through out the years. But in recent years I really had my weight under control. I had been very active – maintaining a healthy weight. I even maintained a healthy weight during my pregnancy and right after the birth of my son I dropped the weight. BUT THEN things went dramatically wrong. Many of the areas of weight loss resistance started to go wrong for me. My thyroid stopped working, I was missing hours and hours of sleep. I was under GREAT stress, I was diagnosed with Poly Cyctic Ovarian Syndrom. (PCOS) so my hormones were off and my Insulin Resistance was kicking in. I also had toxic burden from the Emergency C-Section that I had.  During this time I WAS doing everything right! I was walking 2 miles every day – I was watching my food intake I was doing a ‘points’ system. Remember = I was a weight loss counselor PRIOR to this time frame for 4 years. I KNOW all the tricks – I KNOW about motivation, determination, good choices and portion control. Something was really really wrong and the pound came piling on.  Does anyone know that feeling? The utter frustration that you KNOW that you are doing the right things for your body and the weight is going in the wrong direction. Has anyone else gone to their doctor only to be looked at like you are a liar? If you are in that position right now – KNOW THIS – It is NOT your fault. There are reasons that your body is not able to lose the fat and that there are solutions to those areas of weight loss resistance. I PROMISE YOU!

Now remember – I was still doing ‘all the right things’ during this time. I was not over indulging – I was exercising – I was on a professional weight loss program (because I know the importance of having accountability & support) but it was not working. I felt terrible – especially since I knew only a short time ago that I was much smaller and had more energy. It came on so fast and was taking forever to lose. I really just wanted to give up. I wanted a pill to fix everything. I had fantasies about winning the lottery and having lap band surgery. I was starting to lose ….but very slowly – with AMAZING diligence – but it was still very very slow. I’ve known Dr. Chad since 2003 and had been a client previously. He and I talked about his Optimal Body Balance program and the areas of weight loss resistance. It started to make sense it – started to fall into place – I came on board to help run the weight loss program for the Natural Path Health Center. Since January – when I came on full time – the weight really started to come off. I’m proud to say  that …..I hit my 50 pound mark!!!!!! It feels SO great! I’m so happy that my body is in getting in balance and I’m getting healthy. I heard a saying that goes….You don’t become healthy by becoming thin….you become thin by becoming healthy….I feel that I’m going in the right direction!

I’m still on my journey – but I feel my history, my back ground, my ‘growing’ pains really allows me to be compassionate, empathetic and able to connect with clients. I feel that I’m so passionate about what I do because I have felt the desperation and I also know that there is an answer.

 I promise that change can happen for you. 

Now, How many ‘Pumpkins’ do you want to lose?


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