One of my successful clients shares her journey! Watch for future posts with her before and after pix! She looks GREAT!

20 Oct


I came to the Optimal Body Balance Program for a number of reasons, though one was that I had gained 20 pounds within a year of my wedding.  I knew that the longer I waited, the more difficult it would become to make the lifestyle changes necessary.  When I noticed I could hear myself breathe, I decided it was time to get help.  My wedding ring no longer fit, my clothes were too tight, I felt uncomfortable in my skin, and I was always tired.

The program looked at my situation as a whole and helped me focus on more than just my diet.  Sheila was wonderful to work with.  She was not judgmental and used humor to make a generally difficult topic one that was easy to discuss.  She was patient in answering the many questions I had and she helped me set realistic and attainable goals.  Sheila’s upbeat approach helped me stay positive.  She held me accountable for my decisions each week, but never made me feel bad if there was a minor setback.

Though the program was challenging at times, the amazing support I received helped me stay on track.  After 13 weeks I’ve exceeded my goal weight and I am much happier and healthier than I was just 3 months ago.  Thanks to Optimal Body Balance I now have the tools to maintain it.  The program was a complete success and I would recommend it to anyone who has struggled with weight loss.

I can’t express my gratitude for giving me back the Lynn that I knew was there!


  Lynn Behrend























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