Are you sick of doing all the ‘right’ things AND still not losing fat?

13 Oct


Even though I had been doing all the right things – I still kept gaining weight. It was so frustrating. It was the first thing I thought about in the morning and the last thing I thought about at night. Then I found out that there are reasons that your body can’t lose weight and keep it off. It’s called weight loss resistance. There are 8 areas that affect your health and weight. Most people deal with one or two and struggle with keeping a healthy weight. I had/have all 8 areas of weight loss resistance. Stress, Sleep, Neurotransmitter Imbalance, Insulin Resistance, Hormone Imbalance (you can ask my husband;) Toxic Burden, Gut Dysbiosis and Thyroid Issues. NO WONDER I was gaining and gaining. Now I’ve gotten it under control and have lost 50 pounds. I’ve never felt as healthy as I do now. I have to admit it – wasn’t a breeze – it has been a trying time for me. Tell a person from Wisconsin that she needs to give up dairy products for 3 months….welll….you’ll see a pretty upset ‘Sconnie. But once you heal those areas that are out of whack – the weight starts to come off and quickly.


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